ProCash Plus Account

To help you simplify your finances and keep your money working "overtime," our ProCash Plus account can combine all your investing and banking needs in a single, easy-to-manage relationship.

Available through our clearing agent — Pershing, LLC — ProCash Plus provides generous flexibility in your investments, tighter control of your financial life and easy access to your money, when needed.

Having a knowledgeable guide makes things even easier.

For added convenience, your First Citizens Securities Financial Advisor can help you decide which of the following account features are best suited to your situation:

  • Your choice of professionally-managed money market fund portfolios or an insured money market option
  • Automatic reinvestment of interest, dividends and other cash balances in the money-market portfolio you select
  • A comprehensive account statement for your cash and/or securities
  • Convenient checkwriting and ATM access
  • Overdraft protection and a private credit line
  • Direct Deposit of your paycheck or government check into your account by way of electronic funds transfer
  • Automatic Payments — you can set up monthly drafts from your account to pay utilities, mortgage, car payments, etc.

It all adds up to more convenience. And better results.

To learn more about ProCash Plus, please e-mail us or call 1-866-931-1691.

First Citizens Securities is not a legal tax advisor and is not in the business of rendering tax advice. Any tax-related investment decisions should be made only after consultation with your tax advisor.

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