Capital Manager Program

To enjoy flexible access to a wide range of investments and account types, many clients utilize our Capital Manager Program. Especially valuable as your personal circumstances change — or as market conditions do — First Citizens' Capital Manager gives you this rare combination of benefits:

  • Easy Access. Utilize a range of investments from the nation's top money managers.
  • Convenience. Work with a responsive, local investment advisor.
  • Peace of Mind. We thoroughly examine each investment option (and its manager) to ensure each meets our standards for performance, integrity and trust.
  • Standardized Cost Structure. Ours is an asset-based fee, with no charge for each transaction.
  • Minimize risk. Maximize opportunity. Because the core of any investment plan is asset allocation (the technique of spreading investments across different asset types for protection against dramatic market fluctuations), we take pride in developing a sound personalized strategy designed to maximize your return and minimize overall risk.

Simplify the details. Keep your goals in sight.

To smooth the bumps to financial success (and ease your record-keeping), you'll enjoy consolidated reporting when you select any of these account types:

  • Fund Manager. This mutual fund wrap program offers a wide array of fund families.
  • Asset Manager. This offers your advisor discretion to design a wealth management portfolio for you, selecting investments from diverse asset classes including stocks, bonds, mutual funds and separately-managed portfolios.
  • Unified Managed Account. A professionally managed portfolio that contains many types of investment vehicles such as managed accounts, mutual funds and exchange traded funds, all within a single account.

To schedule an informative, no-obligation meeting with a Financial Advisor, please contact us today by e-mail or calling 1-866-931-1691.

First Citizens Securities is not a legal tax advisor and is not in the business of rendering tax advice. Any tax-related investment decisions should be made only after consultation with your tax advisor.

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