Online Fraud Prevention

First Citizens is committed to helping you protect your financial information and online transactions. That’s why we have state-of-the art online security technology in place. However, sophisticated thieves are now targeting business and home computers directly to access confidential information.

What is the risk?

Your financial information may be at risk if online thieves are successful in compromising your business or personal computer with a virus or a malicious software program (often referred to as “malware”).

A common method of distributing malware is through fraudulent e-mails. Once you open the e-mail, the malware can be downloaded onto your computer. Once installed, the malicious program can capture your account information and passwords and perform fraudulent activity. It is important to understand that First Citizens is not responsible for the financial losses you may incur as a result of these attacks on your computer.

What can you do?

  • Install anti-virus and firewall software on all computers and regularly install updates. Run a virus scan at least once a week. Also be sure to set your computer to automatically install security updates for its operating system and Web browser from Microsoft, Windows, Apple, etc. as well as security updates for add-ons such as Adobe and Java.
  • Do not open e-mails, attachments or pop-ups from unknown sources. Also refrain from downloading free software or downloading information from social networking sites.
  • Watch for unusual behavior. If you notice that your computer is running slower than usual or if you see strange pop-ups, this may indicate a problem. Run your antivirus software to detect and eradicate possible infections.
  • Refrain from accessing your online bank accounts through public or unfamiliar computers.
  • Notify us if you receive a request to provide sensitive information. If you are using Online Banking and encounter functionality, wording, or pictures that are different that what you are used to, or if you are prompted for information that you normally do not need to provide, contact First Citizens immediately at 1-888-612-4444.

Additional Precautions for Business Customers

  • Establish a dedicated computer for financial transactions such as online banking, wire origination and ACH payments. We recommend that you do not use this computer for Web browsing, e-mail or social networking.
  • Monitor and reconcile accounts daily. If anything appears incorrect or unusual, contact First Citizens immediately. You may also wish to consider establishing transaction limits.

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