Business Online Banking Advantage

What is Business Online Banking Advantage?

Business Online Banking Advantage is First Citizens' latest online service for enabling businesses to easily manage their accounts. It uses the technology of the Internet and allows you to view account information, transfer funds between accounts, and access other services online such as Automated Clearing House (ACH), wire transfer, positive pay, and controlled disbursement. It uses state-of-the-art security combined with the simplicity of web site navigation. Business Online Banking Advantage makes it easy to manage all aspects of your business' financial well being.

What do I need to use Business Online Banking Advantage?

All you need is a First Citizens business checking account, a computer with an Internet connection and a browser that is at least 128-bit encryption enabled.

How do I sign up?

Contact your local First Citizens branch and let them know you would like to sign up for Business Online Banking Advantage.

After I sign up, when can I start using Business Online Banking Advantage?

If you signed up for basic services, your welcome kit will typically arrive within seven to ten business days after enrollment. Your service is available when your welcome kit is received.

If you signed up for the Plus or ACH package, you will be contacted by the Cash Management Implementation staff to discuss the implementation process.

How do I login to Business Online Banking Advantage the first time?

To access Business Online Banking Advantage, you will need your Customer ID, User ID and Password. This information will be provided in your welcome kit. The welcome kit will also include detailed sign in instructions.

How do I set up employees to access accounts?

Initially, you must designate a Company Administrator who will then be responsible for setting up access for additional employees. The welcome kit will provide the Company Administrator with detailed instructions for setting up additional employees and granting permissions to services and accounts.

Can I restrict my employees' access?

Yes. Your Company Administrator controls the access at the service level: balance reporting, stop payment, book transfer, etc. The company administrator also controls employee account access.

What accounts can I manage with Business Online Banking Advantage?

You will be able to view all of your business checking, money market and savings, installment and commercial loans, as well as lines of credit and credit card accounts. You cannot access a commercial leasing account.

What accounts can I transfer money to?

You can make transfers from any of your First Citizens checking, savings, or money market accounts1 to any of your First Citizens accounts including commercial loans, lines of credit and credit card.

Can I download transactions?

You can download your account history using comma-delimited, tab-delimited or BAI format. You can also download account history into Intuit® QuickBooks® and Quicken® accounting software using Web Connect.

How secure is my account information if I use the Internet?

First Citizens has installed and runs Secure Socket Layers, the standard security tool for the Internet. All of your information and transactions are encrypted as they travel over the network, ensuring that no one will be able to intercept and interpret your information.

Can I bookmark Business Online Banking Advantage for a quick look at my accounts?

If you bookmark any page within Business Online Banking Advantage, you will be taken to the First Citizens homepage if you access it through that bookmark. For security reasons, we do not allow access to account information without confirmation of login IDs and password each time.

What do I do when I've completed an Online Banking session?

Use the Sign Out button to safely end your session. This will sign you out and prevent someone from coming along behind you and accessing your bank information.

1 Debit/transfer restrictions apply per monthly statement cycle.

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