Reconciliation Services

Reconciling your checking accounts is costly and time consuming. Unless, of course, you're a First Citizens customer.

That's because our Account Reconciliation Plans (ARP) can help you automatically reconcile all checks paid against your First Citizens accounts — saving you time, hassle and administrative costs.

Full Reconciliation

You provide us with information on checks issued during the reconcilement period. We then compare your issue data with the individual checks paid and send you:

  • A consolidated report — including totals — of all paid checks, as well as those that are still outstanding. We will also note which checks were voided or canceled during the reconcilement period.
  • Separate reports for paid and outstanding checks.
  • The status of any checks with stop payments in effect.

Partial Reconciliation

With Partial Reconciliation, there is no need to send us any information on the checks you issue. We simply provide you with a report that details...

  • The check number, amount and date paid for all checks paid during the period. (We will also provide this information electronically.)
  • Any checks that were voided or canceled during the period.
  • The status of any checks with stop payments in effect.

Deposit Reconciliation

Our deposit-reconciliation service allows all of your locations to make deposits at any First Citizens branch — but into a single checking account. We can then identify each location's deposit activity through a unique serial number on their deposit slips and report this activity back to you either daily, weekly or monthly. It's a smart way for you to...

  • Reduce bank fees and in-house expenses by eliminating multiple deposit accounts and transfers.
  • Identify corrections by location.
  • Concentrate deposits into a single account, so you can cover disbursements and take advantage of investment opportunities.
  • Instantly review each location's deposit activity through Business Online Banking Advantage.

The more locations you have, the more time — and money — you could save!

CD-ROM Imaging

Take advantage of state-of-the-art electronic methods that can improve efficiency, accuracy and productivity in your payments process. CD-ROM Check Imaging service allows you to:

  • Instantly view your bank statements — as well as front and back images of cleared checks.
  • Print or fax check images directly from your PC.
  • Import check images into word processing programs for vendor/customer correspondence.
  • Export data into spreadsheet programs like Excel.
  • Quickly and accurately organize query results.
  • Index CD-ROMs, so you can easily locate check images from previous months.
  • Expedite research by quickly locating, retrieving, displaying and printing detailed images of stored checks.
  • Eliminate microfilm and other cumbersome storage methods. (Each CD-ROM holds approximately 30,000 check images for multiple accounts.)

There are no software requirements, and First Citizens will retain the paid checks for three months prior to destroying.

To start increasing your efficiency, accuracy and productivity, contact the First Citizens Cash Management Division at 1-866-733-2501 Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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