Lockbox Services

Accelerate the Collection of Receivables and Gain Faster Access to Your Funds

With First Citizens Lockbox Services, you can...

  • Reduce mail time... by remitting payments directly to a post office box in Charlotte, N.C. — one of the Southeast's premier mail sites.
  • Reduce processing time... by letting us process your accounts receivable checks. Each business day, we will courier your company's mail from the U.S. Postal Center in Charlotte to the First Citizens lockbox processing area. We will then deposit your checks on the day of receipt, saving you time, improving your cash flow and lowering your in-house processing costs.
  • Reduce availability float... by ensuring that checks received in the lockbox area will be cleared as quickly as possible.

We can also capture remittance information and transmit it to you electronically — eliminating the need to manually post accounts receivable.

Wholesale Lockbox Service

If your company receives a small number of large-denomination checks, our Wholesale Lockbox Service can improve your cash flow by promptly converting receivables into available funds.

We can tailor your Wholesale Lockbox processing to suit your company's needs. Envelopes, enclosures and photocopies of the original checks can be forwarded to your company if you choose.

Retail Lockbox Service

Retail Lockbox Services are designed for companies that receive large volumes of consumer payments accompanied by scannable documents.

First Citizens will scan your remittance documents, capture payment information and update your accounts receivable through a secure transmission. You will enjoy the traditional advantages of a lockbox, plus the added convenience of data transmission.

Our Cash Management Associates will be available every step of the way to make sure the process runs smoothly.

NetQuery Online Access

First Citizens NetQuery service allows you to access images of invoices, checks and correspondence through a secure Internet connection. You can streamline the posting of lockbox receivables and enable your service team to respond to customer inquiries quickly.

You will also enjoy these convenient advantages:

  • Images are archived for 180 days, and can be easily retrieved by check number, amount or deposit date.
  • We can send you a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual CD-ROM of your remittance images.
  • Up-to-date NetQuery reports are available online each business morning. You don't have to wait for hard copy reports to be delivered by mail or courier.

Click here to log in to NetQuery Image Lockbox.

To streamline the processing of your Accounts Receivable, contact the First Citizens Cash Management Division at 1-866-733-2501 Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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