Investment and Treasury Services

Simplify the Daily Tasks of Managing Your Cash Flow and Investing Excess Funds

Whether you are in an investment or borrowing position, First Citizens Investment and Treasury Services can help you automatically control your company's investments and minimize your borrowing costs.

Sweep Services1

Sweep Services can help you maximize your interest income by sweeping funds from your checking account into an overnight repurchase agreement.

Each night after all credits and debits are processed — and collected balances (minus any target balance) are determined — we will invest the remaining collected balances in overnight repurchase agreements.

Here are just a few key advantages of Sweep Services:

  • Your account operates as a standard business checking account including unlimited withdrawals and deposits. Available funds are always invested.
  • Because your daily investments are automated, there is no need to manually transfer funds between accounts.
  • Investment vehicles allow you to earn a highly competitive interest rate, preserve asset liquidity and minimize capital risk.
  • You will earn interest on all eligible funds every night, increasing your investment income.

Sweep Services can be tied to an Analysis Checking account or a Business Relationship Checking account, depending upon your company's balances and activity levels.


Our MultiLine service can be used with certain types of credit facilities, allowing you to automatically draw from — or pay down — a line of credit. These transfers occur each night from your Master Account after all debits and credits have been processed. If you choose, a target balance can be maintained in your Master Account to offset service charges.

If there are times throughout the month that your company has excess funds, MultiLine can also be used in conjunction with our Sweep Service.1 Each night our system will automatically determine if your account needs funds or has excess funds — and will make the appropriate transfers. Note: All borrowed funds must be fully paid before investments can occur.

To invest in your company's success, contact the First Citizens Cash Management Division at 1-866-733-2501 Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Swept funds are:
Not FDIC Insured Not Bank Guaranteed May Lose Value

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